Whether you have run your school for years or you intend starting a new school, the school’s success at any point in time depends on you, your parents (who enrol the children), your teachers and your support staff. These are the 4 active stakeholders in the running of any school business and that explains the 4-legged school growth strategy. In this book, David makes a clear distinction between running a school and running a school business.  Every business that wants to thrive must obey basic business principles and the fact that you’re running a school does not exempt you from this law. This book is a product of 12 years of active participatory research into an industry that is probably the largest employer of Labour in the nation – Education. The book discusses hundreds of hot topics:

No of Pages: 350 Pages


  1. 6 Month Population and Income Growth Strategy
  2. How To Run A School Free Of Debtors
  3. How To Convert Your Parents Into Raving Fans
  4. How To Increase School Fees Considerably Without Losing Students
  5. School Marketing With Quick Results
  6. Why Parents Change Their Children’s Schools And What To Do To Avoid Population Decrease
  7. How To Handle Competition Favourably in your Environment And Get bigger
  8. 15 Things You Must Stop doing beginning From Next Term
  9. How To Get The Best From Parents
  10. How To Recruit Smart Teachers
  11. MANY MORE HOT TOPICS THAT COSTS so much money when you attend trainings.
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