OJCA is built on game design principles, using the latest educational technology to drive user engagement with content.

Gamification is becoming increasingly used in educational settings for a number of reasons. In short, it ‘makes the hard stuff more fun’, helping to motivate students and make them more engaged with the subject matter.


The gamification theory in education is that learners learn best when they are also having fun. Not only this – they also learn best when they have goals, targets and achievements to reach for, of course in a way the learner still perceives as fun.

Because of the addictive features of video games that intrigue children (and adults) and get them hooked, it’s only natural that we see similar engagement results when these game-based elements are applied to learning materials.

Gamification in learning involves using game-based elements such as point scoring, peer competition, team work, score tables to drive engagement, help students assimilate new information and test their knowledge.

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