The question to ask every student is this: DO YOU HAVE DIRECTIONS? Or YOU’RE JUST BEING FORCED?

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If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet in Success unexpectedly in common hours. Is not all about the Time spent in studying or forcing students to read there books , No! Cause every one should understand his or her body chemistry. Some students prefer reading late at night while some prefer reading towards Afternoon, etc. 

Effect of the wrong direction has led many wrongly, not fulfilling their goals.

Let me explain in detail if you are going through the wrong. These are some mistakes most JAMB aspirants made during their UTME Exams:

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NOT ANSWERING THE QUESTION: There are two main reasons for this:
>>Not reading the question properly, or>>Wanting to answer a slightly different question. The first is easier to manage….
Candidates are advise to Always read the question fully. Then go back and read it again to check that you have understood.
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PANICKING: Faced with an exam on the system, it is easy to panic, especially if your first reaction is that you are unable to answer any of the questions; some people read harder but once they logon using the computer 
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, they will start panicking.
Take a deep breath and count to ten, slowly. That will help you to calm down.
Some also panicked because they are not used to the system, in short, practicing helps to eliminate panicking.
Without much words! Let us pinpoint the modus, they can learn faster towards this examination.

  • CANDIDATES SHOULD ABOLISH PARENTS ADVISE ON THE CHOICE OF INSTITUTION/COURSE-Except on a strict occasion where the candidate really made a deep wrong choice.
  • PRACTICE WITH THE RIGHT MATERIALS-Some candidates have been deceived by so many bloggers issuing them outdated materials to read. 

So! In Passage they should best concentrate and do there best in it, cause that’s the most areas JAMB And other school admission look into. The reason why some students don’t have admission today is because of poor performance in their Jamb Use of English
Failing to plan your answers (particularly for passage)In answering a comprehension passage, which includes a shorter passage-type response to a question, it is important to get the structure right. And it will be required for you to answer questions on them.

Before you start ticking your answers, take 30 sec to a  minute to plan what you are going to tick in each section; Some students always love diving into to answer questions most especially once they see there friends have submitted and leave the hall…Infact these are also seen as the major factors.

When you’ve finished ticking your answers, go back and check that you have included everything you intended.

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Failing to plan your time: Before you start choosing answers, check the number of questions, and the amount of time you have. This will tell you roughly how long you have for each question: Some student 
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 are not even watching closely on there time. 

Try to spend no more than that much time on each question. You can always go back later if you have time leftover, but it is better to make at least some attempt at each question.

In Conclusion...Most of these errors stem from either insufficient or incorrect preparation or getting stressed under exam pressure.
There is no substitute for adequate revision. Equally, if you have done your revision, there is no need to get stressed in the exam. Relaxing, though difficult, will help you to answer the questions better.
We don’t want to talk or emphasize more on reading, cause is a paramount thing for student to read.

Have a wonderful moment!

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