So many Students have been asking; what subjects are we writing in our post utme? Is it tough? How does it look like? Well! These questions are very intelligent ones, and we the citadel of OJCA encourages you to ask more questions, for clarifications.


đź“ŚEnglish Language and
đź“ŚGeneral paper.

I. The Mathematics contains 50% further mathematics, and 50% pure mathematics, but note, no calculus is involved, by calculus we mean no integration or differentiation. You could see expansion, simplify or prove that…polynomials. Then your statistics like mean,median,range,mode, indices which is very important, etc for normal maths and do not forget probability.

II. As for your English Language, do not be scared, there is no comprehension because of the Little time. Just practice your concord, normal lexis (fill in the gap), Little Oral english, antonyms and synonyms.

III. For your general paper, just know things about the institution you applied for, like the present vice chancellor’s name, the former v.c’s name, the year the institution was established or founded.

Also learn about this years presidential election. Just listen to news at this period. If you are a lover of cartoons and movies, you better start being a lover of world news and local Nigerian news. Also visit www.portal.onlinejambclass.com for general knowledge like the longest river, the highest mountain, which we will update and lecture candidates on our Post Utme global classes.

Also get a current affairs pamphlet of about 100 naira in the market, please purchase the current one!! We mean the one of 2018 and probably 2020, when you see that in the market; we also sale all this books for our registered post Utme class aspirants.

You should also study your utme past questions also, because majority of Nigeria Universities might decide to add your JAMB combination in your general paper, like someone who did physics, chemistry, biology and English in utme can see the physics, chemistry and biology in the general paper, so don’t ignore or throw away your utme past questions, still keep practicing. But pay more attention to the maths,English and general paper.

3) We discovered that most people don’t know about the timing and how to go about it, that is why people study hard for the exam and still fail the exam. That is not your portion. Ok let’s start from here.

You have forty (40) questions in your post-utme with only thirty minutes to answer them. How difficult right? you see how unrealistic it looks, but it is possible, it takes intelligence and smartness to pass your utme not just intelligence.

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BASE ON THE MATHEMATICAL ASPECT BOTH ART, COMMERCIAL AND SCIENCE ARE ON THE SAME FIELD, As far as Post Utme is concerned, the mathematics is 15 questions, English is 15 questions and general paper is 10 questions making it a total of 40 questions.

Now when you enter the examination hall you must be confident and avoid distractions by other candidates or invigilators, complain if you have problem with your computer and pray before starting. You have done a cbt exam so we don’t need to lecture you about that anymore, but to send a daily reminder.

Let us give you a secret. If you have started, usually the questions are scattered, start from number one question, if you don’t know it, don’t skip it !DONT!!!

Click any answer and then write down that number that you don’t know, move to number two, if you know it, do it, if you are not sure still, just click on anything your mind directs you to and then write down the number so that if you are through and you still have time, you can still go back to those numbers, but if your time is up, at least you have clicked on something that is probably 50% right and 50% wrong. Just make sure you answer all the questions.

Candidates are advised to submit by themselves to avoid stories, click on the submit button, don’t Let it submit automatically, though there is nothing wrong in an automatic submission, but it is better you do it buy yourself at least 30 seconds till the expiration of your time.

4) Go early for your exam,please be punctual, many universities like Unilag, Unizik and Uniben don’t accept poo! Sorry we make used of that word.

Note that scientific calculator is not allowed, all that are allowed are your normal calculator ( like Jamb calculator), pencil or pen and your examination pass. (These would be communicated to you before your examination).

  1. COMPETITIVENESS: If you don’t already know, There are many Institutions that are very competitive and are part of the best Federal Universities in Nigeria and as such, a lot of people apply to study there each year. and only few admission spaces or slots of about 6000
    to 9000 are available out of 75000 people that apply for it; This makes them very competitive and very hard to gain admission into.
    So to increase your chances of gaining admission, you need to start preparing for the Post UTME screening right now or may likely to message us for Admission Support, which will help you in gaining admission by following the due processes.

You can also do that by studying their past questions For Art Students to see how the questions look like and the kind of question they ask.

  1. High JAMB Score Will Not Guarantee You Admission Into Some Universities: Do you know that Some People who Scored above 300 in Jamb this year may end up not getting admission? You may want to doubt it but it’s true.

Why do we say so?
This is because Admission is not guaranteed by Jamb score alone in any University but by a combination of JAMB score and POST-UTME or Admission Support.

For example, The requirement in Some Universities like (Uniben and Unilag) is that any candidate that will be considered for admission into the University must have scored 200 in JAMB and at least 50% in the Post-Utme examination before the JAMB and Post utme score of the person will be added to check if the person has passed the cut-off mark for the course of choice.

So for those who scored high in Jamb to be able to gain admission, he or she must also score high in there Post-Utme.
Those who had a low Jamb score can still increase the chances of gaining admission into the University by requesting for a support reference from OJCA.

  1. We finally remembered after thinking so hard to remember the most important point. Some people have questions like, what do I need to score to get finance, civil engineering, pharmacy etc. The right answer is that you should get 40 in your post utme. Aim for the highest score, don’t aim for 25 or 27 or worst 39. Aim for 40 and you would be surprised when you see yourself scoring 40, it is not impossible.

Chinyere Ozioma^

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