On Common Errors.

(1) Sodiq Adesokan is my blood brother. (Wrong).

Sodiq Adesokan is my sibling. (Correct).

NOTE: Do you have a blood brother/sister? The phrase ‘blood brother/sister’ is often misused and misinterpreted in Nigeria to mean a ‘sibling,’ particularly to emphasise that he or she shares the same parents with you. This is wrong! Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (OALD) defines blood brother as “a man who has promised to treat another man as his brother, usually in a ceremony in which their blood is mixed together”.
This is also backed up by #21st C.C.D.•••In other words, your ”blood brother” refers to your brother in cultism. The one you share the same parents with is your *biological brother or sibling.•

(2) My leg is paining me; I must go see a doctor. (Wrong).

My leg is hurting(me); I must go see a doctor. (Correct).

NOTE: ‘Pain’ as a verb means ‘to cause distress’__ of a psychological rather than a physical sort. It’s commonly used with an impersonal subject: •It pains me to see my fellow humans suffer.•

(3) That guy didn’t worth the love I gave him (wrong).

That guy was not worth the love I gave him.

The book worths twenty thousand (wrong.)

The worth of the book is twenty thousand. (Correct.)

NOTE: ‘Worth’ is both an ‘adjective’ and a ‘noun’, it is ungrammatical and obsolete to use it as a verb.

(4) I use to get up at five every morning. (Wrong).

Say: I get up at five every morning. (Correct).

•Or:• I am accustomed to getting up at five every morning. (Correct).

NOTE: The verb ‘to use’ doesn’t express a habit in the present. I ‘use’ means ‘I employ.’ •’Used to’•expresses a past state or habit and it usually refers to some old situations which no longer exist: I used to see him every day. My father used to play football very well; these situations no longer exist.


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