As the saying goes, “the fear of JAMB is a common factor for students in Nigeria”. The exam conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is a very important examination every student must take in Nigeria if they are seeking admissions into the University and other key higher institutions.

JAMB is responsible for conducting the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination in all the states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

For a student to gain admission into the University and other tertiary institutions, they must be able to meet up with the general cut off mark set by JAMB and the university/institution they are applying to study.

Our focus in this course is to help you avoid the pit holes many students face when writing the exam. Many students couldn’t scale through JAMB because they did not understand the secrets to a successful JAMB exam.

We advice you to follow through this course carefully in order not to miss out on any important part of the course.

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Lesson 1

Not following JAMB Syllables;

A serious research carried out shows that over 92% of students who make proper use of the JAMB syllables often come out with very high scores. Whereas, students who do not make proper use of the syllables are often left struggling and they tend to perform poorly during the UTME.

In order not to fail the exam, it is proper and we strongly encourage that students who are preparing for JAMB, make adequate use of the syllable for each of the 4 subjects that they are going to be writing.

When you obtain the syllables for the subjects you are going to be writing, study them very carefully and go through over and over again. The syllables is very important because it guides the candidates on the areas that are likely come out from the examinations.

Note that many students have recorded success in their UTME exams because of the proper use of the syllables.

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Lesson 2

Slow speed during the exams:

Another major reason why many students fail JAMB is slowness during the exam. If you are not fast while answering the questions during your UTME, you will not be able to finish answering the questions and this could be a hindrance to having a great score. Many students fail the exam because they are simply not fast enough to answer the number of questions that will bring out great scores.

It is very important to know that adequate time management skills is required to succeed in your exam. You will have to answer the questions correctly and adequately to lead to great result.

Also since each candidate has limited time in order to answer the questions, each candidate must be very fast in order not to be struggling when the time for submission finally arrives. Good time management skills can only be acquired with practice. Remember to adopt time management by simply timing yourself as you prepare for the main exam.

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Lesson 3

Adequate Knowledge of Computer:

The whole world is going digital and those who do not realize this fact will be left behind. It is true we are in a computer age but a majority of students still do not know how to operate the computer effectively.

It is very surprising how a good number of students still do not know how to operate a computer system even though computers can be found everywhere including the smart phones in their hands. JAMB is a computer-based examination and so it is very important that all candidates become familiar with the knowledge and practical use of the computer so as not to be confused during the examination.

No candidate can succeed in an exam where he or she can’t understand how to use the tools. You don’t want to spend a good part of the examination time wondering what to or not to click! Not being able to operate a computer effectively could result in failure in your JAMB exam.

In order to solve this problem, it will be wise for the student to enroll in computer-based training/classes and get fully trained ahead of the examination. Even if you are a very brilliant student, if you do not know how to operate a computer effectively, you will likely fail the exam.

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Lesson 4


Procrastination has been identified as students worst enemy.

We all know the feeling. Staring at the cursor blinking away on a blank Word document, desperately wishing you were somewhere else. But no, until the word count hits 3,000 you’re staying put… Just need to make a cup of tea first. Before you know it, “a cup of tea” has turned into a Lord of the Rings marathon, and the word count remains at zero.

Procrastination is the disease eating away at students productivity – and with exam season upon us, we’re facing an epidemic. An American study estimates that over 70% of students “exhibit this behaviour”.

A lot of students fall victim to this. It’s easy to while away time instead of reading because the examination day still seems so far. Procrastination is one of the basic reasons why a lot of students fail the JAMB examination.

They prefer to watch television, listen to music, play video games or even go out with friends and engage in other unimportant activities than read. While engaging in fun activities isn’t the case of failure, the major cause is not creating a balance between fun time and study time.

Don’t allow procrastination to steal away your exam success!

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Question 1

What is the major reason students fail in JAMB examination as related to computer knowledge?

  • 🔑The student didn’t have adequate computer knowledge and skills to succeed in the exam.
  • 🔑The students don’t have a computer at home.
  • 🔑The student do not choose the latest computer version.
  • 🔑The student can only understand the exam questions.

Lesson 5

Inadequate preparations for the exam:

As a student or candidate preparing for JAMB or any other examination, distractions are bound to come your way especially when the examination time approaches. These distractions are very much capable of causing you to fail your JAMB examination, unless you put them aside and concentrate on your exams.

Just always set your priorities right. Always know there is time for everything. Devote enough time to read and prepare for your exam so as to pass in flying colours and when you are finally done, you can do other things with your time.

All you need is a good study plan, good materials and a good tutor if you’re having problems assimilating what you’ve read. Don’t forget to ask for help from class mates, neighbours. Another important factor to consider is prayers, this is however dependent on your faith.

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Lesson 6

Improper Documentation:

Another common reason why many students fail JAMB is improper documentation. It’s very common to see candidates chatting away in the exam hall even when very important announcements are being made. These has affected many candidates!

When in the center for your exams, it is very important that you pay close attention to every detail in the announcements, instructions etc. Your ears should be very attentive so you don’t miss any vital information. Missing out important information may affect your performance and probably your results. One of the most important information to look out for is the attendance.

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Lesson 7

Incomplete Preparation Materials:

In the last lesson we said one of the main reasons students fail JAMB is as a result of improper documentation. Now we will look at another point closely related to that, but here we will be talking about incomplete study or preparation materials.

It will be very difficult to pass any examination if you do not have adequate materials to prepare for it. This situation is similar to a carpenter going to his workshop without the necessary tools to work. Incomplete study materials is one of the basic reasons why lots of Nigerien youths fail JAMB and many other examinations.

When preparing for your examination, it is important you put together the necessary materials you need to succeed. Ensure you put together all major textbooks, past questions and answers and any other material that will be relevant to the success of your examinations.

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Lesson 9

Summary and Conclusion:

Thanks for taking out time to read our lovely article Jamb guide. Take your time to go through course archive again as this will help you greatly. All we learnt in this course is that:

🔎Study hard for your JAMB exams.

🔎Make sure you are computer literate as the exam is computer based.

🔎Pay close attention to details and information made at the examination center.

🔎Prepare well ahead of the exams.

🔎Avoid distractions that will rob you of your success.

🔎Defeat procrastination in your life. This is by far the most common enemy of student success.

🔎Ensure you gather the necessary materials you need for the examination.

🔎Ensure to follow the syllable and guidelines for the exam.

🔎Make sure your documentation is complete to avoid anything that will lead to disqualification and failure.

🔎Try to understand the instructions carefully and also manage your time wisely during the exams

Note: Climbing the ladder of success takes time and efforts!


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