WAEC Result: Meaning of No Result, Held, Withheld & Outstanding

WAEC Result: Meaning of No Result, Held, Withheld & Outstanding
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West African Examination Council, WAEC School Candidates [May/June], Private Candidates [GCE] Held, Withheld, Outstanding and Pending Results Meaning and Updates.

Every year candidates are faced with either any of the challenges above after their examination results are been released by the council.

Many keep asking what does the council means by the Terms being displayed on the candidates subjects results, well we will be discussing that in a bit.

What does it mean when a candidate see his or result as WAEC held/witheld results? What does it mean to have Outstanding in some subjects in WAEC result? What does it mean to be replied by WAEC server with ‘No Result For This Candidate in the specified year‘?

This year alone, According to the West African Examination Council (WAEC) Result Statistics: The results of Two Hundred and Fifteen Thousand One Hundred and Forty-Nine (215,149) candidates, representing 13.98% of the total number of candidates that sat the examination, are being withheld in connection with various reported cases of examination malpractice. 

2020 WAEC May/June & GCE Held, Withheld, Outstanding & No Result Updates

1. Meaning of WAEC Withheld WAEC Result

This occurs when almost all the candidates in a particular centre had same grade [i.e copying from another candidate]. WAEC will further investigate the result. If truly the candidates engaged in any form of malpractice during the exam, such results and subject affected in that center would be cancelled entirely. But if reverse is the case, they would be released.

Possibility of Release: Slim 

2. Meaning of WAEC Held Result

‘Held’ means such candidate has violated the rules & regulations guiding the conduct of the examination. National Examination Council which is NEC will meet to decide the fate of such candidate.

Possibility of Release: Slim

3. Meaning of Outstanding/Pending in WAEC Result

Outstanding means Pending, Outstanding or Pending results are due to errors made by candidates either during registration or examination that makes it difficult to process and release their results.
The examination body will try their best to rectify the errors and make changes before such candidate results are being released.

Possibility of Release: High

4. Meaning of ‘No Result For This Candidate in the specified year‘ in WAEC Result

This often happened to candidates that registered with special centres, Or candidates whose center has issues with WAEC, well affected candidates are to keep checking the WAEC portal as he result will definitely be released after proper investigation.

Possibility of release: Medium.

NOTE: If you are not guilty of any examination offenses and your result shows any of the tags stated above, there is high possibility of release.

If after the NEC Meeting and your results or subject are not being released or being held just note that it has been cancelled.

Always follow WAEC  after each examination by clicking on the link.

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