What is galactorrhea?

Galactorrhea is the situation at which there is secretion of milk from nipples of a young or older woman who is not pregnant or nursing a child. It also occur in men both young and old.
It is called high prolactin.

Symptoms in women 👇
👉 Milky/water discharge from the breast
👉 Irregular menstruation
👉 Headaches
👉 Irregular Ovulation
👉 Infertility

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Symptoms in male 👇
👉 Testosterone deficiency (male hypogonadism)
👉 Breast enlargement or tenderness (gynecomastia)
👉 Erectile dysfunction and lack of sexual desire.

✔️Food plan to bring down the prolactin level to normal level is available with health tips.
❌No supplements
❌No drugs
💯 Natural Herbal and very effective.

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