Easiest Way On How To Pass UI Post UTME Screening Exam

University Of Ibadan: Easiest Way On How To Pass UI Post UTME Screening Exam, All You Must Know Before Writing UI Post UTME, UI Admission Tips, Material Needed

How To Pass UI Post UTME Screening Exam
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As always, NGSchoolz.net team bring you minute but Important information concerning the examination ahead, that we believe you need to be aware of, in order to make your admission this time. Below are few details you should be aware of ahead of University Of Ibadan(UI) post-utme exercise.(Don’t Skip Any Line If You Want Succeed In This Post UTME)


• University of Ibadan(UI) as a federal University accepts students with 200 and above for all departments, unless otherwise annulled by JAMB.

• University of Ibadan(UI) does not accept awaiting results during the admission process due to the fact that O-level is part of its admission process.

• University of Ibadan (UI) accepts a combination of O-level results in its admission.(Except Medical Courses)

• University Of Ibadan(UI) post-utme constitute of 100%.

• University of Ibadan(UI) post-utme consists of 100 questions in all,

• University of Ibadan(UI) post-utme consists of 25 questions per subject for the UTME taken subjects.

• UI post-utme is not a Computer based examination

• University of Ibadan (UI) post-utme lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

• After registering for UI post-utme, you should print your slip, which bears vital significance.


An important fact to note for the aspirants of the University of Ibadan(UI) is that, the University of Ibadan(UI) utilize both your WAEC and UTME results in inviting candidates to sit for their post-utme examination.

The University of Ibadan(UI), as a tradition, normally invite very few candidates for their post-utme examination and as such, Your jamb figures does not guarantee your post-utme call up at the University of Ibadan, as long as you have loop holes in your O-Level results.(though this maybe compromised this year)

It is also heart warming to note that, if you are successfully Invited for the University of Ibadan(UI)’s post-utme examination, and you made an impressive display of 50% and above, you have a 95% likely chance of gaining admission even though, it might fall in another department. This occurs when You failed to beat your prefixed departmental cut-off marks.


The major problem of most University of Ibadan(UI) aspirants lies not in passing their post-utme but in sitting for their post- utme. In this case, they have to meet up with their various departmental post-utme call-up point. These points are not disclosed until the O- Level results of various applicants have been received during post-utme registration.

The University of Ibadan, decides the call- up point, the same way in which they decide an admission Cut-off mark and the point is released, when the name of successful candidates invited for post-utme would be released. Basically, the invitation call-up point for this years post-utme has not been revealed and would only be revealed by the end of post- utme registration.


Medicine and surgery

Engineering Courses

Computer Science


Civil Law






Political Science

Public Administration


Courses other than those Listed Above


NOTE: the first score is for merit The second for catchment The third for ELDS(Educationally less developed states)

Here are tips to help you score high in your post- UTME exams; 

1. Understand the Type of Exams you will be taking: before you can pass any post-UTME exams, you will have to understand the nature of the examination. Ask these vital questions before the exams;

-Is the exams computer based?

-Is it paper and pencil test?

-How are they setting the question?

-How many questions are my expected to answer?

-What type of questions are my expecting?

-It it essay type questions? Is it multiple choice? This information will enable you to know how to prepare better for the upcoming examination.

2. Get Past Questions: Getting past questions for the previous years is a top shot. These past questions will not only give you insight into the pattern of the exams but it will help you to brainstorm while practicing it and predict the possible questions you are expecting. If you don’t have any, download our compile ui original past questions below and start practicing it.

3. Read Consistently : Of course you chose the path to study, so reading should not be a hobby anymore to you. Make consistent reading your culture. Read well and read wide. The secret of above 300 in your Post UTME Exams lies in reading persistently. Having gotten the pattern of the exams, set up a reading timetable and follow it religiously. Your goal is to get admission, so you should give priority to it until you achieve it.

4. Join Extramural Classes. This has proven to to be a very effective means of scoring high.

5. Arrive at the Exams Venue Early: No matter how you prepared for the exams, it will become an absolute waste of energy if you do not arrive at the exam venue on time. Arriving early at the exam venue will give you the opportunity to be adapted to the environment, for instance you are travelling to a far place for your exams. You will also have the opportunity to be part of the orientation talk with respect to the exams. If your university of choice is in another state of very far from your location, I will advise that you travel a day before the exams.

2. Bring required exam materials: Make sure you go to the exam hall with all the required exam materials and avoid going with any other thing that can implicate you.

3. In the exam hall: What ever that happened and the expected result depends on what you are doing in the examination hall. Below are the basic tips;

(a) Pay attention to instructions : Do exactly what you are told to do and avoid doing what you are not told to do.

(b) Prayer Matters: You have to invite your creator to help you in the exams you are about to take.

(c) Consult the timing of the exams: Check the time allotted for the exams and compare it with the number of questions you’re given. This will give you insight to how much time should be spent on a particular question.

(d) Use your brain: You have to apply what ever you read before the exams, aside from that, the time you spent to read will become totally wasted. Scan through the options before reading the questions. Read every question slowly and attempt to answer it. If you can’t decipher the correct answer, read it slowly again and attempt to answer. If you don’t have any headway, just leave it and go to another one.

(e) Time yourself : Timing in the exam hall is very paramount. If you are answering 100 questions for 1 hour, you have to calculate it out. There are 60 minutes in 1hour for me to use it and answer 100 questions. That means I have 0.6 minutes to answer 1 question. As simple as that. So if you try to answer a particular question without answer, leave it to another to same time for other questions. After you can come back to revisit the questions that you left behind.

(f) Shade the Correct Answer : This exam is called aptitude test. It is meant to test your common reasoning. These are cheap questions. Read each question carefully and attempt your answer. Take note, most questions might not have answer there in the options. “It is aptitude test”

(g) Shade everything correctly : make sure you shade everything correctly if it is paper and pencil exams. If you are writing on a computer make sure you read more about computer based test to have a flair of the exam situation.

(h) Submit when you are told. Wish you all success!

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