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Dear Olamide,
How are you? I hope you are feeling well. I must confess that I have missed our company and I believe you have as well. I was glad to receive your letter last month from Mama. However, my excitement lasted only with the fact that I heard from you. Your decision to stop schooling for business is some how not going down well with me due to the following reasons

First, it is not a sound decision to stop schooling after the third year. You have barely a year to finish from school. If I were in your shoes, I would have graduated from school and then start my business. The prevailing unemployment might be the major reason why you are scared of continuing. It is understandable. I would want you to view it from this perspective, what would be the reward for your three year labour at school if you eventually dropped out. In the same vein, business requires patience and time to get rewards.

Furthermore, a better businessman is the one who is educated. There will be difference between how a stack illiterate will do their business from an educated person. As an half baked graduate, you may not be different from those who didn’t go to school at all

Finally, certificates from school nowadays are not meant for chasing white collar jobs. They are actually ends to the means. It is very important that you consider graduating to get the certificate.
There will be opportunities for educated people eventually in the future. I would advise that you finish schooling.

             Yours sincerely,


INSTRUCTIONS: Answer one (1) Question only from SECTION A.

All Questions from SECTION B.

All Questions from SECTION C.

The Importance of promoting good Reading habits in students. They say it for a reason that books are your best friends. While growing up the best habit you can inculcate is reading because you become what you read. The books that you read play a very important role in your up-bringing as they are your guide for the journey of life. Here are a few personality attributes which are highly influenced by regular reading habit.

Improves Communication
Books are the best way to get acquainted with extra- ordinary words in the english language. Reading books will help you learn new words and demonstrate different ways in which you can use them in your daily expression. This will ultimately improve your personal vocabulary. Also to understand the grammar of any language, reading stories and articles of that particular language will increase your depth of understanding about it.

Better Ability to Comprehend.
Kids who develop the habit of reading at an early age are good at comprehending situations and develop a better sense of understanding than those who do not read. They are capable of understanding serious situations and analyze the cause and effect scenario maturely. To develop reading abilities early on, try reading aloud and take baby steps towards improvement. Don’t be too hard on yourself, take pleasure in reading.

Imparts Knowledge
There is no denying in the fact that reading imparts knowledge in a person. Gaining knowledge makes you feel confident about the subject and invokes your interest deeper into the topics. For cognitive development, school curriculums also include various interesting topics so that students are keen about the subject from young age. Aids Sleeping Reading before bedtime helps fight insomnia better than indulgence in the electronic devices which works totally opposite. Books aid your sleep naturally and involve your brain into knowledgeable things before sleeping. Psychologically it is recommended that people should think about healthy thoughts before going to bed. A good book read before bed time can work wonders for the peace of mind. Escape From Real World Books give a person the unstoppable freedom to explore the world of fiction. The writers as well as the readers are free to take up topics of their choice and throw open the gates of the fictitious world in their mind. Some works of fiction roll over books after books but never lose the grip of the readers on the series. It is because creative minds are powerhouses of exciting amusements and we can only agree more if we had read some of those amazing creations.
Never in my life have I ever felt so embarrassed and so alone. I feel that it’s about time to let others know that miscarriage is something that has been put aside for far too long….
It took me a couple of weeks to decide to share my story in this way. But I feel that it’s about time to let others know that miscarriage is something that has been put aside for far too long. with the victims being left in deafening silence in the corner. I had my miscarriage last year in February. I was on a train home from work at around 7pm when I felt sharp pains in my tummy and then I felt that my trousers were wet. I was bleeding. Ashamed, worried and panicking about what is going on with my 5 week old baby inside me, I took the first cab I saw and got myself to A&E.
I got there and somehow I knew that it was too late. Still I was hoping that it wasn’t. I came to the next available staff in A&E to tell them what happened and I was told to sit on a chair and wait to be called in by a nurse to see a doctor. My trousers where messy with blood and my tummy was still hurting. I cried silently in that little corner where they’ve put me to wait. I waited for 3 hours for someone to call me. By the time someone has called me to take my bloods…the pain was gone and the blood on my trousers where drying up….I knew my baby was gone. I’ve left a mess on the chair and I was so embarrassed. After they took my bloods and cannulated me…the nurse told me to go back to where I was waiting before and wait for someone to call me to see a doctor. I went to sit back on that same chair. I decided to go to the toilet and tried to clean myself up. I looked at myself in the mirror and asked myself what I did wrong. My eyes were puffy from crying. I took a load of tissue to suck up the blood that was coming out of me and tried to clean up my underwear. When I came out of the toilet…I asked the nurse if I was called but her reply was no. I waited and waited then my fiancĂ© came and held me tight. He kindly brought me clean change of clothes and I went to change my trousers. Never in my life have I ever felt so embarrassed and so alone. I have suffered depression after that event. There are some things that you wish you could forget. But they remain embedded in your mind and heart. Miscarriage is more than losing one little life that did not get the chance to meet it’s mum and dad. unfortunately, miscarriage can cause someone (the mother of the father) to lose their mind and themselves. I’m a witness to that. It happened to me.

(A) It was because she believed no child would refuse entry of their mother into their home.

(B) She chatted with a fellow passenger on the journey.

(C) Language barriers and high cost of transportation.

(D) It was because he believed mama was lying about not having money.

(E) It was because she was not accustomed to it.

(i) adjectival Clause of reason.
(ii) it gives reason to the sentence.

(G) Time without end.

(H) To always inform her children before she go on visit.

(i) unimaginable – unbelievable.
(ii)heartily – sincerely.
(iii) Outrageous- shocking.
(iv) numerous – many.
(v) Frantically- desperately.
(vi) fraudulent- deceitful.


Forest tree serve as protection against erosion

Logs gotten from Forests trees are processed into paper and
Woods from trees serves as an important material for building construction.

Forests feed the earth humans and animal that live in them

By the relevant authorities enacting Laws that will mandate tree planting to replace filled dries

Soft copies of books should be preferred to hard copies

By government discouraging the cultivation of forests as farmlands by creating forests reserve.


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