• If you don’t have any O’level result at the moment, Please chose or put ‘AWAITING RESULT’ during your online registration.

  • Before submitting your PUTME online registration form, please make sure you that you cross-check all your details such as your name’s spelling, phone number, etc.

  • This is because, any mistake made at this point of your online registration may not be reversed.
  • UNN 2020/2021 PUTME form is officially N2,000. However, You can budget N3,000 for both scanning, processing & printing out of your acknowledgment slip at the point of your registration. Please do not pay anyone or any cyber cafe more than N3,000 for this purpose.
  • You can buy and process your UNN 2020/2021 PUTME or DE form at anywhere in Nigeria; provided that there is an operating cyber cafe or business centre closer to you. YOU DO NOT NEED TO COME DOWN TO CAMPUS to buy the form.
  • Please, If you do not have Birth Certificate, You can go to any nearby court of law and get a document called “declaration of age” or (Affidavit)
  • If you don’t have your Local Government Identification, please use your ‘state of origin’ certificate and if you don’t have it, Go to any court & get an affidavit.
  • As for your ‘Primary school Testimonial’, If you don’t have it, please upload your ‘First School Leaving Certificate’ in the field or column meant for this document or your secondary school testimonial, Or, You can also get an affidavit in place of it.
  • In the place/field/column to Upload your “First School Leaving Certificate”, you can use your ‘Primary school testimonial in place of it)’. And If you don’t have the testimonial, Get an affidavit as well.
  • In the place where you will be asked to upload your JAMB Result Slip; Please upload the one you have on you. (Whether original or ordinary result slip). Anyone can serve! It is not compulsory you must get the one that have your passport on it. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ANYHOW or stress Yourself.
  • Please Do not believe any kind of Departmental admission cut off mark you see or hear from anyone this period. UNN have not released any form of Departmental cut off mark for this year’s admission. Anything you hear or see is FAKE!

  • Departmental cut-off marks will be out from September or early October.
  • If you are an aspirant of UNN this year; Please do not disclose your JAMB registration number to every TOM, DICK & HARRY that you see. keep your details personal, for your own good.

  • If you receive any text message or call this period, saying that you have been offered admission; From anyone claiming to be UNN admission officer or JAMB admission officer, PLEASE DO NOT BE IN A HURRY OR RUSH TO PAY ANYONE!

  • There are hundreds of admission fraudster or scammers looking for gullible aspirants and families to dupe this period. PLEASE SHINE YOUR EYES!
  • If You applied for Law, medicine, pharmacy, nursing sciences, Radiography, Political Science, Masscomm, Economics, Medlab, Dentistry, Etc; Please keep reading very hard. I repeat, keep reading very hard. Do Not day that Comrade Didn’t Tell You.

  1. If you are a DE candidate, Please kindly get ready for your online registration, as your portal will be opened Shortly.
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15. UNN 2020/2021 portal for PUTME registration remains open till 28 of August, 2020.

16. If you are an aspirant of UNN, Please Do not try do JAMB change of course or institution From 3rd week of August.
It is very dangerous and not advisable to do such thing at this point in time, as JAMB may not forward your new details to UNN ICT on time; and this might make you not have access to the registration portal.

  1. Do not joke with your JAMB past questions & answers this whole period…
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