4 possible WAEC English essay questions you should learn before the examination day

It is no longer news that the West African Examination Council in conjunction with the Federal Government made a decision on the 15th of July 2020 to withhold the conduction of SSCE exams due to the widespread of the Corona virus,adding they would rather have the students miss an academic year than catching the deadly virus. And all this, after releasing the new revised WAEC timetable on the 13th of July 2020,to be held on August 4th – September 5th.

Though the exams may have been postponed till further notice,it isn’t a cue for students to relax as English language is one subject they shouldn’t be sleeping on and also a necessity to gain admission into any educational institution in West Africa.

English language SSCE questions are broken down into essay writing, comprehension,summary,Lexis and structure,stress,use of words – Antonyms and synonyms,fill in the gaps,and finally Oral English which is further divided into vowels and consonants.

Essay writing is a section in English language which is the most difficult and it is only wise for a student to start practicing ahead of time because once the new timetable is out,the work to be done would be so choked up and leaving little or no time for remaining subjects.

Paper 1 of the SSCE question is to test the students abitity to express themselves with clarity and coherence in a manner appropriate to the audience, purpose, topic and situation.

The topics essays that are most likely to be given are going to be based on the pandemic that hit the world in early November 2019. Yes the Corona virus pandemic that seized many lives. WAEC knows the capabilities of students after the lockdown and wouldn’t want to give questions that are too difficult. So I have written down below,5 possible essay questions to be given on SSCE English exams.

  1. Write an essay on how the Corona virus pandemic has impacted on the people’s lives

This is one essay question you are most likely not to run away from. From the unbearable wide spread of the pandemic which first made government take necessary steps in shutting down Churches, mosques and schools to on March 15th this year to the two weeks lockdown ordered by government which later extended by months,and how this pandemic affected many other lives when the government decided to shut down major markets which led to hunger and starvation all over the country. You are going to give an account of how people struggled even during the sharing of palliatives and other crimes that occured during this period,not forgetting the ‘One million boys’ that tried making lives difficult for Nigerian citizens. I suggest you start penning this down.

  1. Write a letter to your uncle overseas telling him how productive you’ve been during the lockdown

First I’ll start my saying,this letter would be sent overseas and should carry the name of your country asides from your state in writing the address. I advice you learn again,how to write an address for informal and formal letter because the markers wouldn’t spare any mistakes.

Yes of course you wouldn’t just be writing about others,you would also write about yourself. If you’ve learnt any new trade,or language,worked as an apprentice or learnt a new craft or even knew more about the topics you had difficulties in while at school. You are going to tell it to your uncle and polish it in such a way it interests the people marking your script.

During the lockdown,I discovered my passion for writing and my life has never been the same. I started writing for Opera news, Wattpad and have multiple drafts of eBooks I want to self publish for sale. If your experience is similar to mine then you have a whole lot of things to write and even exceed the usual ‘nothing less than 450 words’.

  1. Write a letter to the president of your country on why the WAEC examinations shouldn’t be postponed anymore

We all know the WAEC examinations got postponed so many times and each month a new timetable was circulating only to call off the exams again. The board would also want to hear your insights on what you feel about the situation. From how it affected you as a student because truthfully,it made every student relax on the beds a bit not sure of when the new exam date would be. You would also write about its impact on the results when it comes out because it wouldn’t be as good as when there was no pandemic as this has made students forget nearly every thing thought in school.

There is a whole lot if things to write in this formal letter. It’s literally you penning down your complaints in an organized manner. Since this is an official letter,you must take time to learn how to write it’s address very well as this would be the only part you find problems in.

  1. Write an article for publication on a national newspaper,addressing the government on measures to be put in place just in case of the emergence of another pandemic as Corona virus

WAEC always chips in letters for publications in their essay writing and past questions can attest to this. It is quite true that no one saw the pandemic coming and even when other governments were taking actions,we all agree the country was late about it and it already caused damages. The deed had already be done. And what is more better than writing to the government on how to prepare in advance just in case of the emergence of another pandemic. People say the health sector of every country affected with this pandemic would never remain the same afterwards. So write about how they should improve this medical sector by providing more ventilators and other equipments even if it’s not in use yet,it would always come in handy later.

Write about how the government should create a bigger budget plan for miscellaneous expenses because we must all admit the government tried and probably ate deep into the initial miscellaneous expenses budget and even into the money for other public works. Write about how much public debt the country would have to pay out to it’s wealthy citizens and internationally,write about how much is to be spent on debt servicing,which is interest paid on borrowed money by the country and ways to check these problems in case of the future. Write about how to improve on their palliative sharing so it gets to reach the people at the grassroots for the next time.

There is a whole load of things to write and you’d see yourself managing spaces for your remaining work. All you have to do is think.

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