The information in this write up is for 2020 UTME candidates. Therefore, carefully and patiently read through.

2019 UTME: Statistics of Candidates with UTME High Scores but Not Admitted

¶ Candidates with 300 & above
Total = 2,967
Admitted = 2,288
Not Admitted = 679

¶ Candidates with 280 – 299
Total = 9,276
Admitted = 6,446
Not Admitted = 2,830

¶ Candidates with 250 – 279
Total = 49,167
Admitted = 30,153
Not Admitted = 19,014

¶ Candidates with 200 – 249
Total = 372,040
Admitted = 171,879
Not Admitted = 200,161

In case, you wrote UTME last year and you scored 200 and above yet you were not given admission. Now, you may be wondering why it was so? Well, you may lack what is described as informed decision or you received wrong counsel from your parent, teacher or other adviser of yours.

Who knows whether you were given the right advice last year but you were adamant. Last year, We advised some candidates but they turned deaf ear.

Another very important reason some candidates who scored 200 and above last year were unable to secure admission are:
√ your UTME score is not high enough;
√ your O’level deficient;
√ your Post UTME;
√ your catchment; and
√ wrong UTME subject combination among others.

Information and knowledge can save you from repeating the same mistake.

Listen to this! Obviously, this year’s admission will be more difficult because:
• total number of candidates who wrote UTME are more than last year.
• number of candidates who scored 300 and above are more than last year.

Dear candidates, don’t be perplexed because of this information. We have extracted this information from the 2020 Policy Meeting (a presentation of the JAMB).

You’re not a failure because you couldn’t secured admission to higher institutions of learning. All we know is that failure is not a person but a situation which someone finds himself. Life will not give you what you deserve but what demand.

No man live long enough to make all the mistakes, it’s important to learn from the mistakes of others. The best thing you can do now are:
√ gather enough information;
√ have informed decision; and
√ let God be your guide.

JAMB: awaiting result candidates should take note this:

The board also disclosed the date for the commencement of 2020 admission process to be on August 21, 2020.

After this announcement, a number of candidates have been in extreme fear, especially candidates who are using the awaiting result method and who are yet to write their ordinary level examination due to the outbreak of the pandemic Corona virus.

The question that has became a song to this candidates is “what is our chance of gaining admission this year?”. The fact is that if one is using awaiting result method, one ordinary result must be uploaded to the jamb portal during admission screening before one will be considered for admission. Hence, candidates that fall into this category still have a chance of meeting the admission process for this year provided they have written their examination before then. Although the board remain silent on this, perhaps the issue is critical, candidates should pray fervently for God’s intervention.

You can only be disqualified or not considered for admission as an awaiting result candidate only when you have failed to provide your O’level result within the time frame given by the school you applied to for admission.

The other set of candidates with different question are the candidates that are yet to write their UTME because of the pandemic Corona virus restriction on students. This set of candidates do make inquiry like “when shall we write our examination”. Answer to this question is that nothing can be done regarding this case as the pandemic Corona virus impede the progress of the examination and this may not meet the admission process. Hence, candidates who are experiencing this should hope for the next year utme because in the view of things, the examination may not come up this year. Although the board remain silent on this issue.

If you are still having any difficulties regarding to jamb and admission process, you are required to comment below!

We the citadel wishes you all the best and we hope to see you at the top.

With sincere love and concern from Online Jamb Class Academy.


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