Dear Students, irrespective of your 2020 UTME score; whether you score very high or very low marks. The truth is that no UTME score can be used to determine your greatness in life. One of my common sayings is “No university can determine your greatness in life, university may just be pathway to your greatness”

You are not a failure because you have scored low mark in UTME. Note very well that failure is never a person, it is just a situation in which someone finds himself. So, cheer up. Calm down. Don’t be discouraged. Be of good cheer. You cannot be disadvantaged in life.

Listen to this! My first UME ( so called then) I had 278 which was not used for admission due to some reasons known to God about His plan and purpose for my life. Nevertheless, I sat for another UME and I scored 226 which was used to study the course I studied at the university. It is not the mark scored in UTME that really matters unlike the plan and purpose of God for your life.

Discover God’s purpose for your life, then walk and work therein.
By the grace of God I never regret my journey in life, because I was able to discover my purpose in life before it is too late. I will rather encourage you to discover your purpose in life. Because if the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.

Since, some of the candidates scored very good reasonable marks, admission may be tug-of-war this year. Then, you need a professional informed decision about the next thing concerning your score, school of choice and course of study at the university. In order not to waste the score you had; be it low or high.

Never plan to write another UTME if your score is 150 and above. Use it, even at the Polytechnic where necessary. “If the desired is not available make sure you make the available desirable” You may be at any tertiary institution, later plan to write another UTME. Just get the admission at all cost and leave home for now. Remember, that over 1.92million candidates wrote 2019 UTME and about 550,000 will be given placement at Degree, ND, NCE and IEI. Please be wise.

Finally, gather viable information about your choice of institution, criteria for admission and every other necessary information which can guarantee your admission. Find out more about the following:
√ cutoff mark for eligibility for Post UTME
√ cutoff mark for catchment/merit
√ departmental cutoff mark
√ admission cutoff mark.

See you at the top.

©️Chibuike Onyeka
An Educator|Lecturer| An Adviser
For Online Jamb Class Academy

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