1a.i Give an appropriate title for specimen A

ii. Name the taxonomy from kingdom to family specimen A belong to

iii. Give five adaptive features of specimen A

iv. Label the parts numbered 1-10

v. State one function of the part numbered 1,4, 6 and 9

v. Name five ecological/economic importance of specimen A

(b) You are provided with specimen B.

i. identify specimen B​
ii. To what taxonomic Phylum, class and order does specimen B belong?
iii. Mention any seven characteristics of specimen B
iv. List three adaptive features of specimen B
v. Material specimen B feeds on
vi. Draw and label specimen B

  1. Observe specimens C, D and E carefully.
    (a) Identify specimens C, D and E without reasons.
    (b) Name the taxonomic classes of specimens C, D and E

(c) Mention two characteristics of each of the classes you mentioned in 2b

Adaptive features of specimen C

(d) Draw and label the dorsal view of specimen C
(e) Point out the differences between C and D

f) Dissect specimen E to reveal its alimentary canal and associated organs. Make a labeled diagram of 8-9cm in size of your dissection.

3.a. Specimen F and G are provided. Study them carefully and use them to answer the questions that follow;

i. identify each specimen to generic levels

ii. in tabular form differentiate between specimens F and G

b) Specimen H is provided

i. identify the specimen without reasons

ii. State one important external features that enables it perform its reproductive function in the plant.

iii. cut a longitudinal section of the specimen, draw and label the parts

iv. Write out a flora formula for the specimen

v. Interpret this formula

vi. Which part of the specimen contributes to the perpetuation of the species

vii. What are the possible pollinating agent for specimen F, G and H

C) Specimen I and J have been provided. Observe and study them carefully. Use them to answer the following questions

i. identify each specimen to generic levels

ii. Make a well labeled diagram of specimen I

iii. State the habitat each specimen shows adaptation for

iv. give reasons for your answers for specimen J in (III) above

(d) Specimen K & L are provided. Use them to answer the following

Identify each specimen to generic levels

i. state in each case two external features that enable them survive in their natural habitat

ii. For each of the specimens, mention two ways in which these features aid their survival

iii. Name in each case the most likely natural habitat of the specimen

iv. What re the possible pollinating agent of each specimen

ii. in tabular form differentiate between the two specimens




Place equal quantity of milk or egg-white and concentrated nitric acid ​
Dense, white curds are formed, protein present

Some million’s reagent is added and gently heated/warmed


Red precipitate

Add some drops of sudan III to a small quantity of the food substance

b) Give a detailed description of an experiment you will perform to demonstrate transpiration in plants.

c) Describe the experiment to estimate the organic matter content in a sample of soil

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