After JAMB, What Next? Here Are 6 Steps to Admission Success.

Many candidates usually ask the question, “what next after JAMB?” or what do I do next after seeing my JAMB result?It is usually believed that once you score 200 and above that your admission is sure. That is not totally true. Every year, many candidates who score 200 and above end up not getting admission while those who scored less than 200 end up getting admission.So if you score 200 and above, that does not automatically mean that you will secure admission this year. It is only a stepping stone. On the other hand, if you scored less than 200, that does not equally mean that you do not have a chance of securing admission this year.So the questions is what are the necessary steps I’m suppose to take after seeing my JAMB result to secure admission in to a higher institution this year? The answer to that questions is what this post is all about. Let’s point out and explain the steps you are supposed to take to secure admission after your JAMB result has been released.
Know The Admission cut-off mark Of Your School of Choice:This is the first thing you are required to know. It will help you know if you are qualified for admission in your school of choice or not. Institutions cut-off mark is in two categories;(a) The general cut-off mark: the least JAMB score you are required to obtain before you are qualified for admission into the institution.(b) the departmental cut-off mark: This is the least score you are expected to obtain before your can qualify to be admitted into the course or department you applied for. Usually, most schools announce their admission cut-off marks when announcing their admission screening exercise. If you wait till that time, it may be late. This is because you need to have an idea about the cut-off mark to be able to know if you are to change your course or institution before it closes. So what you need to do is to check out the school’s previous cut-off marks and the determine if you stand a chance or you need to go for change of course and institution.

Decide If You Need A Change of Course And Institution:If your JAMB score is not enough to secure you admission into the course or institution you applied to study, then you will need to do a change of course or institution. In changing your course and institution, two things you should bear in mind are;a: The course you want to change to must be a course that is in line with your UTME subject combination. For instance don’t change to a course like Biochemistry when your UTME subject combination is English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics . This will not work because to study Biochemistry, you need Biology as one of the UTME subjects.b: Ensure that the institution you are changing to can accept your UTME score and offers the course you want to change to.Once you have confirmed the above information, you can now proceed to apply for change of course or institution. The detailed information concerning JAMB change of course and institution is contained on this : JAMB Change Of Course And Institution – When And How To Apply For It click on the link to read up the procedure in case you need to change your course, institution or both.

Purchase Your School’s Admission Screening form: For you to be qualified for admission into any institution in Nigeria, you will have to apply for the institutions admission screening exercise. Most schools usually announce the sales of their admission screening forms between June and August. You have to stay up to date as not to miss your school’s admission screening form. We will do our best to ensure you do not miss any information concerning your school’s admission screening. So always check this website constantly for the admission screening information of your school of choice.

Participate In your school’s Admission Screening Exercise:After purchasing your schools admission screening form, you will have to go through the admission screening exercise. The type of screening you are to undergo and other relevant details will be provided once the school announces its admission screening form. The admission screening is usually done in one of these ways;Online ScreeningPhysical screeningAptitude Test/Interview screening.

Wait For Your School’s Admission List:After your admission screening exercise, the next thing is to wait for your school to release the Admission list. This is the list of candidates that have been admitted into the institution for that particular academic session. The admission list is usually released a month or two after admission screening exercise. However, at times it could take up to 3 months or even more. Sometimes JAMB may be the one to release the list. We will keep you informed once the admission list of any school has been released.

Go for Your Admission Clearance/Registration:If your name is on your school’s admission list, that means you have been offered provisional admission. To validate your admission you will be required to undergo clearance and registration process in the school you have been offered provisional admission After that, you are a bonifide student of that school.So now you know the steps you are expected to take after your JAMB result have been released to secure admission.

If you have questions, you can ask on the comment section. Do not forget to share this post so your friends can get informed also.

Wish you best of success!

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