In this article we will like to share with you all the necessary details you need to know about Jamb 2020 direct entry registration, this session is strictly created for Jamb Direct Entry 2020/2021, are you anĀ NCE, JUPEB, NID ( National Institute of Design) or NDĀ holder and you wish to further your education in Nigerian University, or are you among those that are searching for Direct Entry 2020, if yes, then you are at the right session……………

What Is Direct Entry All About.

If you have been wondering what Jamb Direct Entry is all about, in this article i will try to enlighten you more on it, Jamb Direct Entry is one of the program Jamb introduced to the general public years back, this program enable all JUPEB, NCE NID and ND holder to gain admission to any University of oneā€™s choice easily, and another thing to notice is that you will start from year 2 / 200 level if you gain admission via direct entry.

Jamb direct (DE) entry candidates are not to sit for Jamb examination. However, Jamb has announced that schools are at liberty to set aptitude tests for candidates who apply for direct entry there.

Therefore, any school that decides to set exams for their DE candidates will adapt questions from the Jamb recommended novel in addition to other subjects offered by the candidate, hope with this little explanation you now know what Jamb Direct Entry is all about.

How Much Is Jamb 2020/2021 Direct Entry Form.

According to Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB), The Direct Entry form for this year is N3,500 with Bank changes N500 making (Four Thousand Naira Only) and Jamb mandate a textbook for all direct entry candidate ā€œThe Last Days at Forcados High Schoolā€ which cost N500 (Five Hundred Naira Only) and centres will charge N700 for registration fee, so if you are planing to register for Jamb 2019 direct entry you need to prepare N5,200 and that is the total cost.

Jamb 2020/2021 Direct Entry Requirement

Candidates with one of the following qualiļ¬cations may be considered for admission by Direct Entry:

  • A minimum of Oā€™Level credit pass in ļ¬ve (5) subjects at not more than two sittings with at least two prescribed subjects (for each discipline) at Principal or Advanced level. No subject shall be counted twice at both Ordinary and Advanced Level
  • Two passes (in prescribed subjects for each discipline) at the Advanced-Level Examination of IJMB, Cambridge, JUPEB or Institute of Baccalaureate with SSCE/GCE, NTS/NBC credits equivalents in three other subjects
  • Passes in two major subjects in the NCE with S.C.E., NTC/NBC credits or equivalents in THREE other subjects (mainly for Education Courses) and ND. For Education courses,Education may be accepted as a third Aā€™ Level subject
  • Minimum of lower credit grade in National Diploma or National Innovation Diploma and the Oā€™Level requirements
  • Candidates are to note that they will be required to provide their JAMB registration number which they used in gaining admission to NCE, Diploma etc for Direct Entry admission.

How To Apply For Direct Entry Form 2020/21

  • Each candidate must create aĀ JAMB ProfileĀ on theĀ JAMB Portal.This is the first stage of 2020 DE Registration.
  • Go to any approved bank or Jamb CBT Center to get an E-Pin. keep as conļ¬dential your security details such as registration numbers, password/numbers of ATM Cards, e-mail addresses and E-Pins.
  • Registration will be done at Jamb approved cbt centres.
  • Each Candidate is to collect his e-slip at the end of registration as evidence of registration.
  • As it is the practice, centres are allowed to charge not more thanĀ ā‚¦700Ā as registration fee.


  • De candidates will be required to provide their jamb Registration numbers with which they gained admission to NCE/NID/DIPLOMA and previous degree programmes.
  • Qualifications awarded by examination bodies (ijmb, Cambridge, waec, jupeb, etc) approved by nigeria shall not require any previous jamb number.
  • Candidates need not take utme and de at the same time. If they apply through utme and later obtain de qualification, they can upgrade their utme to de at no cost

How To Make Jamb Direct Entry Payment 2020/2021.

According to Jamb: There are Six new method in which Direct Entry Candidate can make their payment and obtain the form.

    (a) Present Profile Code and pay by cash or card
    (b) ePIN is then delivered to the candidateā€™s unique telephone number
    This is available at State Offices of JAMB + CBT Centres, other POS
    outlets and any CBT Centre that demands it
    (a) Present Profile Code and pay by card
    (b) ePIN is then delivered to the candidateā€™s unique telephone number
    This is available at CBT Centres and Other Outlets
    (a) Present Profile Code and pay by cash
    (b) ePIN is then delivered to the candidateā€™s unique telephone number
    This is available on all ATM outlets of Participating Banks listed in 5D (I)
    (Interswitch Channel)
    (a) Select Bill Payment and then pick JAMB
    (b) Enter Profile Code and pay
    (c) ePIN is then delivered to the candidateā€™s unique telephone number
    (a) Visit JAMB website:Ā
    (b) Click purchase of 2019 Application Document
    (c) Enter your Profile Code
    (d) Select payment method (Interswitch, Remita, e-Transact, Unified
    Payment S o l u t i o n s ,
    Upper ā€“link or Page)
    (e) Make payment
    (f) ePIN is then delivered to the candidateā€™s unique telephone number
    (a) Dial *565*6*55019#
    (b) Enter Profile Code
    (c) Select bank and follow the prompts to complete payment
    (d) ePIN is then delivered to the candidateā€™s unique telephone number

Registration Closing Date:

TheĀ newĀ period of sale/registration for all candidates (DE) including those from Foreign Countries is fromĀ 13th March, 2019 to 15st March, 2019
Coming Soon…………………


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