The government of the Nigeria run differently from others in the world, and so far, there is much that we have covered about it in the history and governance class. As promised the Online Jamb Class quiz below is designed to see what you got to understand from chapter 13. Give it a try and feel free to take it up more than once.

Questions and Answers

What is the process by which individuals learn their politicalbeliefs and attitudes from family, school, friends, coworkers, and other sources

A. Peer groups

B. Political socialization

C. Mass Media

D. Political culture

2. Which one of these is not an important role in political socialization?

A. Government leaders

B. Interest groups

C. Religious organizations

D. Coworkers

3. How has the president tried to reach american people directly?

A. Email

B. Carrier pigeon

C. Morse code

D. Snapchat

4. Where do members of congress go to talk to their constituents?

A. Their home state or home districts

B. Washington

C. Washington DC

D. United Nations

5.¬†What is a person’s belief that he or she can have an impact on government and policy

A. Political efficacy

B. Interest groups

C. Political culture

D. Public opinion

6. How do Americans express their opinions?

A. By yelling

B. Ballot box

C. Tweeting about it

D. Bottling it up inside

7. What has been a reliable source of information about public opinion for a long time?

A. Politicians

B. Lobbyists

C. Party-Ers

D. Party organizations

8. All are steps in scientific polling except:

A. Selecting a sample of the group to be questioned

B. Interpreting the results

C. Interrogation and intimidation

D. Presenting carefully worded questions to the individuals in the sample

9. What has improved since the 1930s?

A. Interpreting results

B. Face to face confrontation

C. Good attitude

D. Extra credit

10. Who do interest groups bridge the gap between?

A. People and the Judiciary branch

B. People and the government

C. People and Walmart

D. People and People

11. Who are the paid representatives of interest groups and contact government officials on behalf of these interest groups, their clients?

A. Lobbists

B. Republicans

C. Liberals

D. Canadians

12. What do lobbyists and interest groups sometimes help?

A.¬†Do people’s extra credit

B. Make lemonade

C. Write bills

D. Stir pancake batter

13. All of themes are lobbyists except?

A. Employed by a client or contact government officious about federal legislations

B. Makes more than one contact for the client

C. Employed by chocolates and help with comercials

D. Spends more than 20% of his or her time serving the clients

14. Interest can promise campaign support for ____ who favor their policies?

A. Legislators

B. Obama

C. Republicans

D. Donald Trump

15. Madison believe that the constitution was what?

A. Alright

B. Sufficient

C. Managable

D. Eh

16. Polls that show constituents who hold strong views on one side of an issue may prompt a lawmaker to introduce a bill on the issue or may sway a lawmakers ___ on a related bill?

A. Popularity

B. Love of peppermint bark

C. Vote

D. Happiness

17. What are differences, change that pollsters take into account

A. Univers

B. Polls

C. Free samples

D. Variations

18. What do elected officials use to stay in touch with public opinion?

A. Aim

B. MySpace

C. Straw polls

D. Land lines

19. Officials rely on opinion polls, letters and emails from constituents, and social networking to learn what people are what?

A. Dreaming

B. Gaming

C. Thinking

D. Singing

20. Significant numbers must hold a particular opinion to make government officials what?

A. Listen to them

B. Ignore them

C. Think about being them

D. Disliking them

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