🔰 It helps you to understand the ethics behind JAMB’s method of questioning.
🔰 Past Questions is the key to knowing what to expect in the examination.
🔰 It gives you insights on the areas jamb focuses more on
🔰 You need past questions because It is the easiest way of pointing out the recurrent questions
🔰 It helps to test if you are really ready for the exams.

Secret_Reviewed: We’ve discovered that every year, the questions set by JAMB officials, is closely made up of 70% past questions!!!

If you are a student preparing for the forthcoming 2020 jamb examination,make a purchase of the Jamb past questions and answers today .
This will surely give you an insight as to know what and what kind of questions you’ll be answering.

How_To_Buy_JAMB_Pin 2019/2020 | How To Purchase JAMB E-Pin FOR UTME JAMB Candidates:

🖥Steps in here below is a guide on how UTME JAMB Candidates can Buy JAMB Pin 2020/21 | How To Purchase JAMB E-Pin. Thus;

👉Create your profile by sending your Surname, First Name and Middle Name (where applicable) by SMS to the JAMB short code, 55019
👉You will receive a 10-character confirmation code on the same telephone number which will be used to procure your ePIN

👉Select ‘Sales of JAMB/UTME Registration Forms’ in the ‘Name of Service/Purpose” column
👉Enter your registered phone number (the one on which you received the confirmation code)
Enter other details and select how you want to pay whether you want to use direct card debit or want to pay through bank with the JAMB Remita code generated.
🖥Click ‘ #Submit’
👉After payment, your PIN is delivered to your phone number and also displayed on your Remita receipt.


What_To_Do_Next_After_Getting_Your 2020/2021 JAMB Pin

👉You are to make payment to an accredited CBT center; the payment should not be nothing less than N 700.
👉Give the agent who is registering for your jamb: your National Identification Number, all the data of your documents in NIN will appear on your registration dashboard. Then continue…..
👉You are to tender your choice of study into course you wish to study.
👉Make sure you tender correctly your waec/neco result with correct grades, if you are using awaiting result you don’t need to tender any result.
👉Please make sure you give the agent verified certificates for uploading, except if you using awaiting result.
👉If you are applying for direct entry make sure you supply your registration number for your previous institution.
👉You have to choose your utme subject and where to choose for your examination town, choosing for mock is not compulsory and examination for utme is compulsory.
👉You will have to do picture capturing of yourself; no one is needed for this except your real face.
👉You will have to do fingerprint, this is done by your ten finger, it is compulsory you do this particular step; no one is required to do this for you.
👉Check your details correctly before you submit the form completely.
👉Now you have to print out your registration slip.
👉Make sure you collect this slip when you are done with the registration, this will be used for your means of identification.
👉Jamb exam will be done with computer base, the system still remains the same in writing this exam, no change will be done, so try to practice the computer to know how to operate fast when answering your question on the computer, please make sure you have a good tutorial on this @OJCA.🖥please make sure you get to the center 30 minutes before the exam start.

[Use of English….
Concord Analysis…
Jamb question…

A pair of —- —- on the hanger…
(a) Pant/is
(b) Pants/are
(c) Pants/is
(d) Pant/are

Many a —- —- bad these days…
(a) Boy/are
(b) Boys/is
(c) Boys/are
(d) Boy/Is

Arrange your answers…..
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Most of the fatal explosions in coal mines are caused by….
A. Ethyne
B. Ethane
C. Ethene
D. Ethane

A metal that reacts with alkanols to liberate hydrogen is…..

A. Iron
B. Potassium
C. Zinc
D. Lead

Potassium chloride has zero solubility product value because of its……….

A. Insolubility
B. Low solubility
C. High solubility
D. Neutral nature


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