What Makes Comprehension Passages Seem Confusing

  • 1-Tension
  • 2-Vocabulary in the comprehension.
  • 3- Difficulty in understanding the meaning of the questions.
  • 4- Time constraint
  • 5-Use of figures of speech
  • 6-Poor reading skill
  • 7-Register used
  • 8-Length of the Article

Suggested Solution:

  • 1- Improve your Vocabulary
  • 2-Relax and try to overcome exam tension
  • 3-Read and solve comprehensions, as many as possible
  • 4-Solve passages from different fields of knowledge, like Science, Arts, Literature, Politics, Economics etc.
  • 5-Stay focused
  • 6-Don’t be moved by the length of the comprehension passage, in fact, the longer the passage is, the simpler.

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